Nutrition is the process of obtaining nourishment through macronutrient intake.  This nourishment should be purposeful and systematic.  Daily, we get to make choices about what we want to put into our bodies for nourishment.  It is our responsibility to learn how to honor those choices in order to make sure we are giving our bodies the best chance at being strong and healthy athletes, and human beings.  While working with Honor Your Nutrition, you will be coached through a method that we like to call Flexible Nutrition.  Flexible Nutrition uses an approach that balances macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and protein) in a specific manner.  This specific manner is a very individualized process and will coincide directly with your personal goals.  Whether your goals are cutting weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight, improving energy through workouts, enhancing recovery, or a combination of any of those goals - there is a proper method and formula you should be following.  Here at Honor Your Nutrition, we do not use blanket templates or a one size fits all method.  Nutrition is flexible, and needs to be in order for each person to find success.


Flexibility also comes in the idea that food is not only a source of fuel for our bodies, but should also be a source of enjoyment.  It is a big part of the social aspect of life and as athletes, we need to find a proper balance of both.  While working with Honor Your Nutrition, you will learn how to be flexible with your nutrition so that you can properly and responsibly fuel your body in order to accomplish your goals, while still being a “real human” and allowing food to be an enjoyable aspect of life.  Join the many others who have found great success and accomplished their goals through Flexible Nutrition.

Want to know more about Flexible Nutrition? Check out the "The Fundamentals of Flexible Nutrition" manual. It's 12 chapters full of everything you'll need to know about Flexible Nutrition.