Fundamentals of Flexible Nutrition 

cost: $27.50 each (pdf document)

This ”Fundamentals of Flexible Nutrition” guide features 12 major topics that have been found to carry the most questions. These 21 pages of information is essentially the summary of Nicole's seminar.  It is a basic reference guide of the ins and outs of Flexible Nutrition and is meant to provide insight into the fueling and nutrition method that so many have found success and sustainability in.  Think of this as the “Cliff Notes” of Flexible Nutrition.  It is our hope that you can use this as a reference guide and find some clarity and understanding in the fundamentals of this incredible nutrition approach!  This is a must have.

Fundamentals covered in this document include:
-What is Flexible Nutrition?
-Macronutrient Summary
-Energy Metabolism
-What If I Am Not Perfect?
-Off Limit Foods?
-My Fitness Pal
-Tracking While Traveling
-Tracking While Dining Out
-Reverse Diet