Honor Your Strength Program
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Physique Template 
This is a week template that will be repeated for 4 weeks while increasing weight each week.  It is focused on improving aesthetics and can be done in a regular gym (globo) setting, or in a crossfit gym setting. We will isolate body parts and focus on correcting imbalances and building direct strength and definition on different muscle groups.  There is no conditioning pieces attached with this.  You can incorporate your own conditioning pieces or follow up your physique workouts with a HIIT style workout!  These workouts will be delivered via the TrueCoach app for easy communication and logging of results. 

Weightlifting Template
This template is focused on getting you better at weightlifting (Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  You have the option to purchase 4 or 8 week programs.  At time of purchase I will contact you and get a bit of information regarding back ground and experience in order to best accommodate you personally.  These workouts will be delivered via the TrueCoach app for easy communication and logging of results.

GPP Programming
Honor Your Strength GPP Programming is a program based around building the strength that we are all capable of as athletes.  While choosing to work with us, there are multiple options you can choose from as to how we can work together.  This will allow you to chose the level of coaching you are looking for.  Everyone's goals and needs are different and we acknowledge that.  Your personal goals may include increased strength in the upper body, lower body, or maybe it is strength for general performance.  We also create programs for athletes who have sport specific strength and conditioning needs such as football or basketball athletes.  With a well qualified, experienced coach we can tailor your program to whatever you are looking to accomplish.

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