Simple Macro Set (or reset) plus "Starter Guide"

Service Cost: $44 Per set or reset Plus "Starter Guide"

This is the most basic, and least personal service we offer.  We will collect some information from you and give you macro numbers that are recommended based on the goals that we discuss. When you come to me for this, it is expected that you know and understand flexible dieting (do your research, most recommended is Krissy’s FD 2.0) so that when you are sent on your way with numbers you are not completely lost and confused. This service is recommended for people who already understand the body, nutrition, and concept of flexible dieting - but just want to make sure their numbers are correct and in accordance with what they are trying to accomplish.  You will also receive a basic “Stater Guide” that will cover some issues or questions that most people run into when they are first starting off.  In the event you would need a reset once your body weight, body fat, or goals, significantly change you can come back for a reset of numbers in accordance with your new data.